Warriors Softball






  • Our organization is the largest multi-sport club in Edmonton, and has been operating for 40+ years, which gives us access to a lot of experienced resources.
  • We train in high quality training facilities.
  • Our teams travel to key tournaments throughout North America; players have been recruited by schools as a result of this exposure.
  • High player/coaching retention rate. Financially stable.
  • We offer solid infrastructure for success: such as development, financial, fundraising, education, etc.
  • Outstanding reputation and a proven track record.
  • We have finished in the top 4 provincially for many years in multiple levels.
  • Many of our players have been selected to play in key events such as:  Alberta Summer Games, various All Star Teams, Western Summer Games and Canadian Summer Games.
  • Many of our players are currently attending colleges/universities on ball scholarships.
  • We compete respectfully at post provincial championships:  Westerns and Canadians.
  • We are respected by many of our competitors and officials while promoting sportsmanship, friendship and competitive experience: Through the tough times and fun times, we have built many friendships for life.



    Contact Us:   www.edm-warriors.ca

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