Posted:  February 15, 2021

Under the guidelines of Alberta Health and the Province of Alberta hockey has now been restarted.

While it is up to each participant and their family to choose whether or not to participate either choice will not affect whether there will be a refund or what amount that refund will be.

Hockey Edmonton, Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada have all stated that they will be able to partially refund the fees but any refund will only be issued once the season is complete.  The season end date now stands at April 30.

It is anticipated that refunds will take 4 to 6 weeks after that.  If/when NEZ receives a refund we will work to fairly distribute that refund to all players.  All players will be eligible to receive the same refund whether they withdraw now or if they complete the year.



Below is the NEZ Hockey regular refund policy.  This policy stands as is but there are some COVID-19 unknowns for the 2020-2021 hockey season.

Please understand that the majority of the fee you pay goes to Hockey Edmonton to pay for ice rentals and registration expenses including player insurance.  NEZ pays these charges early in the season.  So for us your money is spent to pay for the hockey program.  In the event of season disruptions due to COVID restrictions, Northeast Zone Hockey will only be able to refund money IF we receive a refund from Hockey Edmonton.  They in turn will likely only be able to offer refunds if The City of Edmonton, Hockey Alberta & Hockey Canada return any of the fees.  The City of Edmonton will likely only refund ice rental costs if Alberta Health mandates that arenas be closed.

Lots of ifs.  Lots of unknowns.  This hockey season will be different. The main focus will be on participant safety.  We hope as the season goes along we will be able to return to game play the same as in other years.  In the meantime we will do our best to ensure that our players have an  enjoyable time playing a game we all love.  Have a great hockey season.


NEZ Refund Policy for Bantam & Midget Players:  Prior to the first try-out skate a full refund less a $35.00 administration fee will be given to players who withdraw from the program.   Once the try-out skates start, refunds will be given to players who withdraw from the program less the $35.00 administration fee and less $25.00 per skate.  Once team formation begins refunds will only be considered in the event of a season ending injury – a doctors’ note is required.  TEAM FORMATION BEGINS WITH THE FIRST MOVEMENT OF PLAYERS – GENERALLY IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE SECOND SCHEDULED SKATE.  In the event that we are unable to place a player on a NEZ team every effort will be made to find an alternate team outside of our zone.  Should this happen and the player chooses to not transfer to an outside team then a full refund will be given.

For further information on Midget Hockey contact: Darlene Hein @ 780-915-2351 or

For further information on Initiation and Bantam Hockey contact: Lisa Tellefson @

NEZ Refunds for Discovery & TimBits Players will be considered early in the season (first month). Each refund will be decided on a case by case basis.  After the first month, refunds will only be considered in the event of a season ending injury – a doctors’ note is required.

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