NEZ Refund Policy:  Prior to the first try-out skate a full refund less a $35.00 administration fee will be given to players who withdraw from the program.   Once the try-out skates start, refunds will be given to players who withdraw from the program less the $35.00 administration fee and less $25.00 per skate.  Once team formation begins refunds will only be considered in the event of a season ending injury – a doctor’s note is required.  In the event that we are unable to place a player on a NEZ team every effort will be made to find an alternate team outside of our zone.  Should this happen and the player chooses to not transfer to an outside team then a full refund will be given.

Note: Community League Membership fee is not refundable.

For further information on Midget Hockey contact: Darlene Hein @ 780-915-2351 or

For further information on Initiation and Bantam Hockey contact: Lisa Tellefson @


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