What Are We?

The Northeast Zone Sports Council was born of the desire of northeast Community Leagues and Sports Organizations to co-ordinate their efforts in the administration and promotion of minor sports in northeast Edmonton.

As such, the Sports Council is a democratic, representative body that exists to serve the needs of the members and, through the membership, those children of northeast Edmonton.

To this end, the Sports Council acts as an assembly for the determination of sports policy, a clearinghouse for information and ideas, an advocacy group for amateur athletics and children, an agency for the promotion of sports and the participation of children in the programs offered by the Sports Council, a central body for the registration of teams, and a liaison between the members and parent community and sports organizations.

In these roles, the Sports Council represents the consensus or majority opinion of the membership while recognizing the rights and obligation of member organizations to provide for the legitimate needs of their members.

The Sports Council, for and through its members, also recognizes the varied interests of children and proclaims its commitment to serve the children and advance their interests, in all its acts. To this end, the Sports Council shall endeavor to offer a range of sports programs to members, parents and children, and will, conversely, commit itself to continuously educating itself about the needs and wants of children.

The Sports Council, recognizing the individual and social benefits of minor sports, and recognizing that the costs of sports programs can be a barrier to participation, shall strive to raise funds for the benefit of the sports programs and participants and to keep the sports programs as affordable as possible.

The Northeast Zone Sports Council was incorporated in May of 1970 and some of the many accomplishments we can be proud of are:

  • Advertising and promoting the programs of the Sports Council
  • Administering minor baseball, softball and hockey
  • Arranging for diamonds and paying the required user fees
  • Booking ice time and distributing ice to members
  • Registering baseball, softball and hockey teams with the appropriate governing bodies
  • Assisting in the registration of players
  • Assisting in the formation of teams
  • Arranging for scheduling for all programs of the Council
  • Insisting that all participants adhere to the rules of the games and to the spirit of fair play
  • Assisting player families with financial hardship to obtain necessary assistance with registration fees from outside agencies
  • Having a program in place to assist those in financial need with registration fees
  • Raising funds for the benefit of all our programs through bingos, casinos and other endeavours
  • Assisting the members with dispute resolution between other members, or with parents, players, coaches, etc.
  • Keeping up to date and informing members of rule changes in the sports of the Sports Council
  • Acting as liaison between the members and the governing bodies of the sports of the Sports Council
  • Holding coaches, referee and umpire clinics
  • Holding clinics for players
  • Lobbying and meeting with various levels of government to further the interests of minor sports
  • Centralizing the Committees of the Sports Council and offering meeting space to members
  • Making available resource information for the programs of the Sports Council
  • Hosting an annual banquet to honour and thank our volunteers

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