Respect In Sport – Parent Program Information

Respect In Sport – Parent Program

The completion of the Respect In Sport – Parent Program is a required component of your child’s registration. Your child’s registration is not considered complete until all components of registration have been completed. Registrants will not be permitted on ice until their registration is completed.  The Respect In Sport database cannot be accessed by NEZ volunteers therefore we cannot access your account or account information. If you are having issues accessing your account, or other technical issues you will be required to contact the Respect Group Help Desk at 1-866-945-9906

One of the most common reasons coaches, managers, and officials, of all ages, cite for leaving sport is unacceptable parent behaviour. The Respect in Sport Parent Program, Canada’s only online training and certification program complements the Respect in Sport for Coaches/Activity Leaders. This program will help define a model of behaviour for all parents and create a more rewarding, safe and respectful environment for everyone involved.

Payment Options:

Respect In Sport – Parent Program Cost: $12.00 (subject to change).

You can pay for the program through the Respect In Sport link when you create an account.

NOTE: Parents/Guardians that are completing the program on their phones or other devices may be required to download a flash player.

There are two requirements for an individual to show the NEZ that they have completed the Respect In Sport – Parent Program:

Part 1: Parent/Guardian must create an account and complete the online modules

Part 2: Parent/Guardian must link the player to their Respect In Sport account

Part 1: Create an account and complete the online modules

Please use the following link to access the program if you have not purchased access to the program through the NEZ:

You are able to access and complete the modules by selecting the “Program Access” section. Please complete all of the modules. When you have completed the program you will be provided with a certificate number.

Part 2: Link the player to your Respect In Sport account

Many parents complete the program and do not link their child to their account. As previously mentioned NEZ volunteers do not have access to the Respect In Sport database. Please make sure you link your child to your account correctly to avoid any delays in completing registration.

If you have completed the Respect In Sport program previous to this hockey season please do not pay for and complete the program again. Simply link your children to your account be using the “Add a Child” function which can be found under the section “Profile” and “Child Management”.

If you are creating a new account you will be required to add a child to your profile prior to beginning the program. Please do the following:

  • Spell your child’s first and last name as you have spelled it on your online registration form;
  • Make sure you enter the correct day, month and year of your child’s birthday and;
  • Select your child’s association as NORTHEAST DISTRICT from the drop down list

Once you have completed your program modules and linked your child to your account you will have completed this component of your registration process. If you receive an email or call to state that you have not completed your Respect In Sport – Parent Program please make sure you have a certificate number and that you have added your child to your account exactly as outlined.



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