Rally Cap Days

Each season NEZ Baseball hosts 2 Rally Cap days.  All NEZ 7U Rally Cap, 9U Rookie and 11U players and teams are invited to attend both events.  Wear your team jersey and come enjoy a day of skill development and skill testing.

The first Rally Cap Day for 2024 will be on Saturday, May 11 at Rundle Park.  Starts at 10:00 am and goes until about 3:00 pm. Stations will be set up to teach baseball skills to our players.

Around noon a hot dog lunch will be provided – hot dogs, pop and chips for all.  After lunch all players will go through the Rally Cap testing and will earn a Baseball Cap.

The second Rally Cap Day will be on Saturday, June 15 at Rundle Park.  This day also starts at 10:00 am and after some warm up drills all players will be retested.  Skills they have learned and practiced throughout the season should lead to a higher cap being earned.  Lunch will again be provided to all participants.

Rally Cap Days are a great tool for our coaches and administrators to evaluate the skills being taught to our young athletes.  It’s a fun day for all the players so make sure you mark both dates in your calendar.

Check the Baseball Canada website for more information on the Rally Cap program:  https://www.baseball.ca/rally-cap-initiation-program

There is program information as well as information on the skills we will be teaching and testing.

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