MLB Pitch, Hit & Run

Pitch Hit & Run is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball®. This grassroots program is designed to provide youngsters across the country with an opportunity to participate, free of charge, in an exciting baseball skills competition in the safest atmosphere possible.  PITCH HIT & RUN is intended to encourage youth participation and showcase the top youth talent in baseball. Since there is no registration fee for this program, every boy and girl, ages 7-14, will have a chance to compete. Participants will compete in three important aspects of baseball/softball: pitching, hitting & running.

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All participants must have their parent or guardian REGISTER ONLINE at prior to the competition. Parents/guardians should be ready and able to show proof of participant age (copy/picture of birth certificate, etc.).  

Click HERE  to register.

PITCH HIT & RUN is established in geographic markets across North America. The markets encompass neighboring states/provinces, when necessary, to ensure the availability of the program to all participants. Participants are eligible to advance through three (3) levels of competition – Local, Team Championship and Finals.

Local Level Through mid/late July*
It is recommended that Local events be held prior to mid-July with results received immediately following to ensure that Local winners can have the opportunity to advance to the nearest Team Championship.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to have a participant advance to subsequent levels, ALL participant registrations and results must be logged online at

*The date of the Team Championship in each Major League Baseball® market will determine how late a corresponding Local Competition may be scheduled, which means you could schedule your Local Competition later in July if you find out that your corresponding Team Championship is scheduled on a later date. To avoid any conflict with the winners advancing in the competition, please attempt to conduct your local event by mid-July.

Team Championship Mid-July – September
This level of competition consists of the top Champions from the Local Level and may be hosted at MLB® ballparks or MLB® approved facilities.


The top youngsters from the Team Championship Level will compete at the Finals during the 2021 World Series.TM

Birthdate/Age Verification Chart

For all levels of the PITCH HIT & RUNTM program, each competitor’s age is taken as of July 17, 2021. Use the chart below to determine the appropriate age group for each competitor.

  • Age 7/8       July 18, 2012 to July 17, 2014
  • Age 9/10     July 18, 2010 to July 17, 2012
  • Age 11/12   July 18, 2008 to July 17, 2010
  • Age 13/14   July 18, 2006 to July 17, 2008

Parents/guardians should be ready and able to show proof of participant age (copy/picture of birth certificate, etc.)

More information and updates will be posted on the NEZ website at

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