Referee Fees & Contacts

Referee Contact:

Referee-In-Chief: Parker Nowitskey
Cell:  780-965-5768

Coaches: Send your games to the Referee-in-Chief via email before the game (no later than 48 hours to ensure officials). If you have a cancellation the category director must let the Referee in Chief know before refs are cancelled or else the team incurs the ref fees. Provide the arena, game times and level (Novice 3, Peewee 4, etc.) don’t send division name we don’t go by names give the tier number. Any games booked at arenas out of the city will incur a travel fee. You may wish to contact the local assignor for that town to have them assign officials and save the travel fee. For a listing of those names go to the referee webpage at

Please contact the NEZ Office by email if officials are a no show or only 1 official is at the game.

Each team is responsible for paying the refs at each game. Exact cash is the only method of payment. Referees do not take cheques and do not make change.

Click HERE for information on referee rates.

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