Instructor Registration

Thank you for your interest as an Instructor this season – the hockey program would not be able to run without willing volunteers like yourself. Please fill out all of the fields below. This information will be used to:

1) Add you as an instructor to the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) if you are new to the program.

2) Retrieve your instructor account from HCR if you have have instructed in the past

3) Retrieve your player account from HCR if you have played hockey in the past as a minor or junior player and change it to an instructor account

Additional information about being an Instructor can be found on our Instructor Information page.

HCR is a database used by all hockey organizations in Canada. We use the database to register instructors, players and teams. All individuals are assigned a unique Hockey ID number. Please make sure that you fill out the below form correctly to ensure we are able to add or retrieve your account without issue.

Thanks in advance for your commitment this season!

You will receive a confirmation email and correspondence with instructors will be sent to the provided email address. Access to ProSmart Sports Learning System will be sent to the email provided.
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