Welcome to NEZ Crush Atom 1 tryouts.

NEZ Atom 1 Crush is proudly sponsored by MCG Joint Ventures.

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Players not listed below will contact their area category director for their next skate times:

Braves – Mike Barich – atom@braveshockey.ca

Eagles – Sean Morgan – seanmorgan1@shaw.ca 780-886-8649

Northstars –  Marvin Heise – enac@nstars.com

Congratulations to the players listed below which have made the NEZ Atom Crush team

Please check the Atom Crush preseason ice times page for further ice times for the team

Aidoo Tristan
Bennett Tyler
Chelmick Declan
Flasha Brandon
Fulmer Noah
Hage Matheus
Haman Kael
Hoffner Talon
Knoch Corbin
MacNeil Quinn
Reich Noah
Terry Madison
Tymchuk Benjamin
Tymchuk Joshua
Tymchuk William
Zaplotinsky Austin

Atom Crush head coach Matt Hage.

Please click on the Atom Handbook for program information.  Atom 1 HandBook 2016-17